Amaunet – While I’m Living (Lövely Records) – 22nd October 2021

While I’m Leaving is the new offering from the Swedish band Amaunet. A six-track piece that you should listen to in strict order to admire the interesting vocals of Nariman Mirzaie, the guitars of Oliver Miller and Viktor Hallberg, the bass guitar of Josefine Hedberg, and the energetic drums of Oscar Ahlbin.

The first track, entitled When You Come By begins with intense drums immediately accompanied by a rough but pleasant voice. Perfect song for a fresh start, nice guitar with an unbeatable bass guitar. 

Word begins less strong but maintains great expectations. It won’t disappoint you thanks to the beautiful guitar duo, complementing each other perfectly to create the most relaxing and dynamic atmosphere, similar to what the 90s German band Fool’s Garden used to do, well-worked guitar duos. The 4 minutes might be too short, but it’s setting the tone to the next track.

Sunny On a Plane might fall into monotony. Might not bring anything new. But then it gets intense with an ending chorus and a fade-out of all instruments leaving a nostalgic drum in the distance to wrap up everything on the spot.

And that nostalgic drum opens the new song for While I’m Leaving. A reminiscece of the 90s. Guitars shine again, a beautiful combination between Miller and Hallberg that makes them indispensable. Imagine you’re driving your car in the rain and listening to the tune. The track is simply beautiful.

Silver Sunlight, comes with the same strength as the first tracks, plus some neat bass guitar tunes. Josephine Hedberg seems to have been possessed by the spirit of the famous American bass player Gail Ann Dorsey, pure bass guitar sorcery that will get repeated in the final piece.

Violent Renaissance, again with Hederberg as the protagonist, together with energetic drums. It makes two great things: overture and closing.

The six-piece While I’m Leaving is an interesting offering. A band in which each component can stand out on its own without overshadowing the rest. It’s harmonious. They’re letting us know that they talk Music. This is the beginning of a great story. 4.5/5 blackberries, Amaunet, looking forward to more!

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