Arc Arrival – Engineered To Die / Resurrection (Single) – 20th August 2021

Hailing from Stirling, Scotland,  ARC ARRIVAL are set to be the next big name in the UK tech metal scene. After releasing their debut EP C.H.A.O.S in 2019 they went on to receive rave reviews nationwide. Fast forward to 2021 and the band are set to release a double A-side single ENGINEERED TO DIE / RESSURECTION imminently.

What you are instantly hit with is vocalist Greg Dick’s gut wrenching screams as the trio fire full force into an all out assault. Drummer Marc Maguire and Guitar/ Bassist Mag Keimer are as tight as two coats of paint as they thrash their way through the two tracks on offer.

“As the title suggests, Engineered To Die covers the topic of things that are predisposed and pre-made to be destroyed, either by themselves or their environment. The song discusses in particular how people most of all are born and live with this unshakable curse of being self destructive and damaging to themselves, and everything around them. As the song opens, the first line is ‘Save Yourself’, which speaks clearly enough. It is our way of stating that it is not impossible to rid ourselves of this notion that we are all doomed to destroy. As the song progresses it covers a story of how despite warnings and clear signs that something is wrong, people are wilfully ignorant of how their actions affect each other on multiple levels. Despite all this we still are headed to oblivion…we are Engineered To Die!” – 

Arc Arrival

We are treated to sing along chorus sections and ear bleeding belches, enough to keep the average metalhead happy. A rhythm section to keep your feet moving and heart rates increased is always welcomed.

If you are a metal head looking forward something new then I implore you to check out Arc Arrival at one of the smaller venues before they hit the big time.

Engineered To Die / Ressurection is released on 20th August 2021
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