Blood Youth, Death Blooms Edinburgh 17th September 2021

“I’m on the guest list”

“No you’re not”

“Well I’m supposed to be”

18 months on from seeing my last gig and I am glad to see that nothing has changed.

10 minutes later, during which time I frantically searched the emails on my phone to prove to the doorman that I should have been on the guest list, and I am in. My re-introduction to the world of music has begun.

What a gentle re-introduction it is, Death Blooms and Blood Youth at Legends (formerly Opium) in Edinburgh, hardcore/metal at it’s finest!

Only a small venue, it is about three quarters full when support act Death Blooms hit the stage. It is immediately noticeable that there is no bass player, not that this makes any difference when the band unleash their sonic assault on the ears of the eager crowd.

Paul Barrow

The band tear into Shut Up, vocalist Paul Barrow is very animated and right in the audiences faces from the start. The crowd are really up for this and second tune Gore really gets the moshpit going. The crowd are really enjoying this and it looks like the band are as well and with Fuck Everything the moshpitreaches new levels of insanity.

The music relentlessly pummels your ears till you surrender to it completely. This is some tremendous noise these 3 guys are making. They even have a tribute to the moshpit, One Release which is unsurprisingly well received.

Frontman Paul really does have great stage presence and you get the feeling that these guys will really go somewhere when their debut album Life Is Pain is released in October.

Tonight we got 8 songs and they really did leave you wanting more.

A quick turnaround between bands (thank goodness) and Blood Youth are soon on stage opening with Iron Lung. Again the music is loud and uncompromising. Guitarist Chris Pritchard looks like an explosion in a hair factory when he rocks out , bassist Matt Hollinson is very animated and leaping about, new vocalist Harry Rule, resplendent in a blue boiler suit, is not quite so animated but is a very large presence on stage.

Blood Youth

The crowd are just as up for it as they were earlier and Body Of Wire and Playing The Victim sees some frantic moshing in front of the stage.

Today is Harry’s birthday and halfway through the set he is presented with a nice big birthday cake and a bottle of fizz which he shakes and sprays over the crowd as they enthusiastically sing happy birthday to him.

The mayhem continues with latest single Colony3, Nerve, Hate, and  Starve before finishing the night and sending everyone home happy and ears ringing with Cells, what a great way to start the weekend!

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