BLYTH ROAD (One Eyed Toad Records) – EXORSA OUT NOW!!

“Exorsa”, is it an impending apocalypse, or is it a reason to wake up every day and smile….Lets find out!

This track is described as a “Hard Rock Disco Anthem” that gives people hope for the future….Well on listening to this track the guys are spot on! its not a heavy blasting metal track, but more like a 90’s metal with smooth edges…The track opens with a string screech not unlike the one from the band “The Seine” and their track “Dream”, it has a steady drum beat throughout which carries the bass perfectly, and giving this song a hard rock edge….The vocal switches from a 90’s rock band to a hard growling throat vocal, for me it was like a mixture of Justin Hawkins and Green Day with a dash of Lordi. Not a combination you’d expect, but it works! The guitar on this track is fantastic! The runs and screeches are absolutely flawless and the strings are clean, clear and solid all the way through, the lead on this track is right up there with a Zakk Wylde. This is a great track and cleverly produced by Louis Dunham, the end result was worth all the hard work.


Formed in 2018 at Media College at the Old Vinyl Factory and are now billed as “The UK’s One And Only Sparkly Metal Band” They had success with their debut album ” Blood in my Alcohol” which got to number 31 in the UK Chart Show after Chris Moyles played them on Radio X to support the his intern and band member Harry Differ. This brought the band Richard Bagnulo, Bruce Dodin, Russell Wiggins success after they shot to the top of the iTunes chart which gave them a place in the big “Top Forty Charts” rocketing them to success.

Great track! Great band and they look like a bunch of great lads….Wishing them all the luck in the world!

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