Booze & Glory – Bannermans, Edinburgh, 21/11/21

It may be a bitterly cold night in Edinburgh’s Cowgate but inside Bannermans Bar the temperature is rising nicely.

The crowd had been warmed up nicely by local brand Brassknuckle with their infectious oi sound and Rats Nest and their more intense brand of street punk.

Anticipation reached fever pitch as the venue was plunged into darkness and intro music began. Suddenly the lights are on and for the first time in 4 years, Booze And Glory are back on stage in Edinburgh!

Bannermans is a small venue but affords the opportunity to get really close to the band which adds a real air of excitement to proceedings. Tonight, the crowd was as up for it as I have ever seen. As the band tore into the first number, the iconic London Skinhead Crew the crowd went absolutely bananas! This was utter, utter glorious mayhem, especially when they followed that with another old favourite Leave The Kids Alone.

The front of the stage was utter carnage, a continuous blur of thrashing, flailing bodies that were quite literally bouncing off the stage, walls, floor and each other as they pumped their fists and mouthed the words. A number of times throughout the set the front monitor had to be saved from crashing to the floor because of the sheer number of people falling onto it.

The enthusiasm of the crowd to enjoy themselves did not drop all night as each song raised the intensity of the pit a little bit more.

Singer Mark received a round of applause as he declared “We do not play for Nazis or racists” before the band slammed into Never Again. The band certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves with bassist Chema bouncing around the stage, drummer Frank ferociously pounding the skins, and Mark and Kahan providing a wall of sound with their guitars.

Their last album Hurricane showed their progression as a band with the introduction of keyboards into their sound and it was no surprise to see a keyboard player tucked away at the back of the stage tonight.

The majority of the material was from the last 2 albums and was all great sing-along stuff. Blood From A Stone got the first real audience mass participation treatment tonight as Mark got the audience to sing the first verse (twice, as he thought the first attempt was not loud enough!), a great song and very easy to relate to as, let’s face it who hasn’t lived for the weekend?

Other highlights included Days, Months, Years, Carry On, Ticking Bombs, Violence And Fear and the obligatory song about West Ham Three Points.

The evening came to an end with the second mass sing-along of the evening Only Fools Get Caught which brought the house down.

Booze And Glory were absolutely tremendous tonight and I hope it’s not another 4 years before I see them again.

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