Capstan – Separate (Fearless Records) 23rd July 2021

Let’s face it, the past 18 months or so have been pretty bleak, especially for the world of performing arts. Just prior to the world stopping COVID-19 pandemic Florida post-hardcore outfit Capstan released their debut full-length album Restless Heart, Keep Running. Now, just as the world is beginning to reopen, they have just released their second full-length album Separate

With the time during the worldwide lockdowns being hard enough for most of us, guitarist and lyricist Joe Marby was also going through a divorce. The entire album is packed with deep emotional lyrics,

“Drew me to your light and all my flaws illuminate, searching for my love when you discovered things you hate”

from Shades of Us is one such glimpse into his inner turmoil during this time. 

From the opening Separate is packed full to the brim with high energy riffs, enough gut-wrenching growls and catchy sing-a-long hooks to keep the wide rock spectrum happy. Album opener Pretext kicks in immediately with technical metal riffs, crowd pleasing choruses and pit pleasing breakdowns.  

There are also a number of guest appearances, most notably Shane Told of Silverstein on Alone, another track which is as heavy as they come and follows the same sort of ethos that we here like to apply. In which we believe that music has the power and capability to pull you out of the deepest, darkest pits that we sometimes can find ourselves in. 

Throughout, there are little tasters of other styles, from pop-tinged rock, electronica, tech metal, even through to a beautiful acoustic number Sway with Charlene Joan picking up the duet. 

For listeners new to the genre Capstan have released the perfect introduction to post-hardcore. You are given around 40 minutes of an emotional rollercoaster with a bit of everything to please even your granny.  

This is most definitely an album that I can’t wait to hear played live. 


New album Separate out on 23rd July 2021 available from Fearless Records and here

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