Don Broco – Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow, 27/10/2021

Lights camera action! Don Broco walked out on stage to do what they do best, play live! Opening the show with the first single from the album Manchester super reds no1 fan.


The floor of the Barrowlands ballroom instantly started bouncing the crowd screaming every lyric back at front man Rob Damiami. Seeing how the band reacted to the crowds energy it almost felt like it was a home town show for the band! For the bands second time playing here I think everyone there knew this show was going to be special!. Manchester super reds followed on to fan favourite technology which the band admitted this was the first time they have messed up performing due to the crowd chanting the famous Scottish “here we, here we, Here we FUCKING GO! But the band carried on and continued on the another fan favourite Pretty.


The band played a great selection from their new album Amazing Things but also added in favourites from Technology and Automatic. But then it came time for bad boys badminton club! 

During endorphins/ thug workout the crowd are given some bats and a net to set a record over the previous Glasgow show! watching the crowd react to people playing badminton during the middle of a gig is a sight to see and I highly recommended coming to a Glasgow show to see it!


Over all the show was incredible and I cannot wait till the next one.

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