Every Time I Die – Radical (Epitaph Records) – 22nd October 2021

Formed in Buffalo, New York in 1998, Every Time I Die are back with new album Radical

Pressing play on opener Dark Distance, you’re immediately greeted with a squealing guitar and frontman Keith Buckley screaming “spare only the ones I love, slay the rest” and the first of many, oh so many riffs, all of which combined are meatier than a bus load of t-bones.

On second track Sly, Keith’s vocal harmonises perfectly with brother Jordan Buckley’s guitar, as they follow each other throughout the song. This is repeated again later in the album on closer We Go Together, and it works brilliantly every time.

Newly released single Post-Boredom showcases Keith’s vocals, as he shows he can be just as good a melodic singer as he is a screamer. The track itself wouldn’t be out of place on one of The Damned Things (Keith’s supergroup with members of Fall Out Boy, Anthrax and Alkaline Trio) records.

Another thing standing out on Radical is Keith’s lyrics. “We are out of this world, cause all good drugs go to heaven” on AWOL and “fear is a fetish and I am a masochist. I’m not ashamed of my shame” on The Whip are again brilliant examples of the sheer genius which this man possesses.

Radical in itself doesn’t have a bad track on it, but one which shines above the rest is the gut punching Hostile Architecture. With a superb spoken word piece at the end leading into an absolute monster of a riff, it’s so damn heavy it will turn your socks into trousers.

While many hardcore albums from their contemporaries can sometimes seem one cloud short of a thunderstorm, Radical is an all out lightning rampage from track one, and we can guarantee you will have it on heavy rotation for a long time.

New album: Radical out October 22, 2021 available from https://etid.ffm.to/store

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