Feuerschwanz – Die Letzte Schlacht (Napalm Records) – 6th August 2021

The worldwide Covid pandemic brought endless turmoil to the performing arts industry. One thing it led to was for many artists to live stream concerts. From all genre of music we saw artists perform acoustic shows from their living rooms, eventually leading up to full productions live streamed from stages across the world.

German medieval folk rockers FEUERSCHWANZ were one such band to participate in the new trend. This led us to release “DIE LETZE SCHLACHT” (The Last Battle). A live album released on audio recording, and a Bly ray full concert experience. However, it is not just one show. It is actually two shows carefully spliced together in a way you can’t really tell where one show ends and the other begins.

In the audio only release there are 21 songs covering the 11: O: live stream and the DIE LETZE SCHLACHT live streams. The sound quality is excellent for a live recording, with nothing getting lost in the mix. 

What follows is 21 tracks of sheer medieval rock party madness. I will admit that the music is a little lost of me, however, I can imaging experiencing it in person would be a completely different story. The in between song chit chat gets lost on this release as it is all in their native German, which on the BluRay release will flow as part of the experience, here though, as part of the English speaking audience it takes away from the audio experience. I feel for the cd release it could possibly have been edited out to allow the music to flow more.

Overall, if you’re into Feuerschwanz, this will be a must have for you. For me though, unfortunately it left me feeling a little lost between tracks. As an album, I’ll probably be leaving this one on the shelf. If they tour into Glasgow however, I’ll likely be first in line with my drinking horn for the mead fuelled party.


Die Letze Schlacht was released on 6th August 2021 via Napalm Records

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