Frank Turner – FTHC (Xtra Mile/Polydor Records) – 11/02/22

I’ll be honest. I’ve not listened to Frank Turner before. I’d heard the name mentioned in a discussion about political folk singers so thought I’d give this new album FTHC a whirl. I got a surprise.

This is Frank’s ninth studio album and by all accounts a new direction for the artist, who seems to reinvent himself at each new album (or so I’ve read).

Non Serviam kicks things off at a feverish and very unexpected pace with an instant onslaught. The Gathering, released as a single last year, deals with longing for the end of lockdown – ‘I’m missing the feeling when we close up the gaps between us’.

Haven’t Been Doing So Well is the second single, also released last year. This track keeps the tempo up as does Fatherless, a very danceable track.

Just when it feels a change in tempo is required Miranda slows things down a little, with an interesting take on coming to terms with having a trans parent. ‘After everything that we’ve been through, Miranda it’s lovely to meet you. This is a very personal and honest track on what so far has been a pretty full-on album.

We then move into slightly more acoustic/ pop territory with A Wave Across the Bay and jaunty little number The Resurrectionists, with Punches and Perfect Score following suit.

The last track is an ode to the Capital and a line that resonated with me – ‘I got tired of London, not tired of life. A nice epic finish, just as it should be.

FHTC released 11th February 2022.

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