HeadFury – Our Beginning (HopePunk Records) – 20th August 2021

HeadFury are set to release something completely different from their normal… a love song.

Our Beginning is their first new release since A New World which came out back in 2020. Originally written and recorded a demo as a personal ode to drummer Wayne’s long term partner for their anniversary, a song that was not bound for general release. 

Thankfully though, they eventually gave it the full recording treatment it duly deserved and will be released on the 20th August via HopePunk Records.

What Our Beginning shows is really just how versatile HeadFury can be. For old fans this will be possibly be a shocker, however, similarly, for new fans their “normal” sound will come as a shock. The clean reverberant guitars from Vince and laid back vocals from Gideon accompanied by the chilled out drumming from the afore mentioned Wayne create a beautiful soundscape which can only be described as beautiful.

I had never heard anything by them before coming across this one, and I can definitely say that I’m glad I gave this a shot.

In a world currently full of confusion, hate and seemingly endless turmoil. HeadFury have just released that little light in the darkness.

HeadFury are currently in the studio recording their follow up EP which is due for release later this year.

Our Beginning is out 20th August 2021 via HopePunk Records

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