Ice Nine Kills- Iron City Bham- November 16th, 2021

This just in! Ice Nine Kills is at it again. The nightmare-inducing band embarked on the second leg of their severed leg tour on November 10th in North Carolina. Even with the captain hot on his trail, frontman, Spencer Charnas, just can’t help himself. The sinister singer has managed to get away with dozens of brutal on-stage slayings already, and in front of unsuspecting fans no less! But Silence is the Enemy was able to get their hands on the buried police report from the sold-out show in Birmingham, AL. Read the report if you dare to relive a night in Horrorwood.

Offical Police Report 
Iron City Bham 
November 16th 2021
Spencer Charnas 
Shevy Marie (Georgie)
Persons of interest: 
Chris Kelly
Joe Occhiuti

Patrick Galante
Ricky Armellino
Fame on Fire
Bad Omens

Report Summary :

The genre-defying band from Florida, Fame on Fire, took the stage at 1900hrs. The four-piece band is mostly known for their cover songs but they played several of their original songs during their 30-minute set. The band opened with the ever-so-fitting Welcome to the Chaos. This band never ceases to amaze live. Lead singer Bryan James vocals are always on par, even when running back and forth on stage to hype the crowd. The band as a whole is charismatic and very engaging with their audience. After absolutely bringing it to the Iron City stage the band left fans on a high note with a crowd favorite, XO TOUR LIF3. Once their set was over, the guys snuck through the crowd to hang out at their merch table. They even stuck around to take photos and chat with fans. Anyone that didn’t know of the band before the show surely left as a fan.

The question remains are they in on it too? Or are they just in it for the TOUR LIF3?

At 1945hrs Currents, came out swinging with their hit song, Into Dispair. This metalcore band from Connecticut is in the business of melting faces with their hardcore melodies. There’s no denying that Currents fans go hard for the band. With some encouragement from the band’s vocalist, Brian Willie, the crowd surfing ensued and a wall of death was constructed. This foursome brought some intense energy to the stage. Even while headbanging your way through every song you couldn’t help but keep your eyes glued to the stage. and hang on to every move they made.

Though the death metal band slaughtered the stage everyone made it out unscathed. Or did they?

The time is 2035hrs and Noah Sebation, of Bad Omens, mysteriously enters the stage solo. He opens with their new single, Death of Peace of Mind. While Sebation’s devilishly good voice keeps the audience mesmerized, the rest of the band surfaces. The singer’s live vocal performance is unmatched. Though the band has only been around since 2015 they exuded a sense of professionalism that far exceeds the number of years they’ve been performing. The Alabama crowd went truly savage during the band’s set. There’s no doubt that they enjoyed every second of the Virginia band’s 40-minute set. By the time they ended with their hit Dethrone, dozens of fans had crowd surfed their way to the front of the stage and created a massive mosh pit worthy of Rock Fest.

But it makes you think, was the band foreshadowing with the lyrics from their new song?

When the curtains call the time
Will we both go home alive?

Death of Peace of Mind- Bad Omens

It’s now 2140hrs and Ice Nine Kills fans are dying to see the band take the stage. To set the tone for what’s to come the band plays the Texas Chainsaw Massacre styled intro, Opening Night, from their new album.

The thirteen tracks which you are about to hear were long ago hidden away
Deemed too grotesque for public consumption by the American recording industry
Recently, however, they were unearthed by the homicide unit of the L.A.P.D
These tracks would soon gain infamy as key evidence
Allegedly linking Ice Nine Kills frontman, Spencer Charnas
To the brutal slaying of his 28-year old fiancé
Though the original title of this disturbing collection of songs remains unknown
These cuts would forever be remembered as ‘Welcome to Horrorwood’

Opening Night- Ice Nine Kills

Mr. Charnas enters the stage, looking like Patrick Bateman himself, dressed in a sharp navy suit. And before you know it you’re on the descent through Horrorwood with no perceivable way out. As he begins welcoming fans with open arms to the devious world he’s constructed, the crowd goes mad. Persons of interest Chris Kelly, Joe Occhiuti, Patrick Galante, Ricky Armeillino, enter the stage not long after, and fans’ screams become nearly deafening.

When attending an Ice Nine Kills show you are completely immersed in a cinematic experience. The atmosphere, props, costumes, lighting, and characters are unlike any other. Now that the waters have been tested and the psychos are craving more shocking scenes, the band slashes their way through their deadly set-list. New songs also mean new elaborate costumes and characters. The onstage characters are played by the band’s make-up artist, Shevy Marie, who also happens to be Spencer’s victim of the night.

The horror-themed quintet really knows how to put on a show. Their energy is infectious and stage personalities have you begging for more. Charnas’s ability to toggle back and forth from light and eerie vocals to bellowing growls is beyond impressive. Though Spencer is the lead singer for the band, Occhiuti kills on backup vocals, all while strumming away on the bass. Kelly, while currently on the roster as their touring lead guitarist, stuns with his shredding abilities. You just cannot keep your eyes off, the SDMA guitarist of the year and jack of all trades, Armellino, as he engages with the audience and poses for pictures. And last but certainly not least, Galante is percussion perfection as he towers over the band with his popcorn-bucket-themed drum kit.

By 2250hrs the band’s devious debut at Iron City has come to an end. They bid fans a sweet adieu with their last song, Farewell II Flesh. But just when we thought INK’s reign of terror was over the guys emerged for one last song, IT is the End. Was their encore, calculated or coincidence? Because it was the end for poor Georgie this night.

What do you think? Has Spencer killed for the last time? Is the Captain closer than ever to catching him in the act? Or has he been framed for a crime he didn’t commit once again? Stay tuned to Silence is the Enemy for more updates.

Take a peek at the full gallery of crime scene photos here.
Ice Nine Kills evidence log:
Opening Night
Welcome to Horrorwood
A Rash Decision
Stabbing in the Dark
Hip to Be Scared
Funeral Derangements
Communion of the Cursed
Assault & Batteries
Thank God It's Friday
The Shower Scene
Rainy Day
A Grave Mistake
The American Nightmare
Farewell II Flesh
Encore- It is the End

New Album: The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood out now, available from @fearlessrecords and

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