Tuning into the first track on the album was a total trip…Bon Jovi and Frank Zappa gave birth people! “SHE LIKES TO PARTY” Is an eclectic mix of music that has merged in this song, I also feel like I am listening to Colonel Mustard and The Dijon Five. It’s a real feel good song and a catchy number.

This then set the tone for what I thought would be a pattern throughout the album and I wasn’t wrong! The next song was like listening to the Commitments, I was in Blues Brother territory and thoroughly enjoyed it . It’s one of those songs that you see in a movie seen when the actor is strutting down the street feeling good! it’s an “everything is going my way and I feel good” kinda song. would definitely recommend you get ” I CAN STILL FEEL IT” If you’re having a bad day, trust me, the bad day won’t last long!

“CANT GIVE IT” Is a rock blues kind of track, it builds well and the vocal on it is really good, it’s very clear and full of attitude (but in a good way). The chorus is a very catchy, and has a great build into it. There’s is a great lead on this song and again it;s got a great blues, rock feel to it.

Now the next track “DON’T LOOK BACK” is slightly different and unexpected. it’s like an 80’s rock number from Kiss or Rat and the lead vocals are gritty and just so good….Lead singer Kris has a great 80’s rock voice and range that you’d expect to see on an old MTV Video Vault Show

I actually gasped on hearing the vocals on “ACROSS THE GALAXY”. A different tempo from the rest but the vocals…Oh my days…Gritty, sexy, and gave me goosebumps. This guys voice is pure gold on this track. It’s up there with Journey and The Scorpions, such a good song…

Now “TAKE ME TO THE PILOT” Sounds like it’s been influenced by Elton John, no doubt about it! It was so similar to the songs in the Rocket Man Movie that I’d bet my house on this. Great piano led song with an amazing clean lead rift and a very Elton (like) vocal. I also got this feel at the beginning of the next track “I’M YOUR MAN”, however it quickly went into a great rock vibe and “SEE YOU AGAIN” which like the previous song soon switched up a gear into a Neil Diamond vibe, to an Ozzy rift! As I said this is an eclectic mix of many, many influences and it works perfectly.

The track “TORTUGA” Takes on a whole new take from the rest of an album. This is like a 70’s Mexican Movie Track! Call in the Yacht and the Bad Guy! Very unusual, and again very different from the rest of the tracks….It’s catchy and cool and again the vocals are sexy. The backing singers are great throughout this album, clean, classy and good! The musical talents on this album are undeniable, what a great mix of instruments, all cleverly put together….


Kris Rodgers is a very talented man, he is an extremely talented pianist, vocalist and songwriter who grew up in Maine (half an hour away from Portland). His Band “THE DIRTY GEMS” who consist of Craig Sala and Tom Hall were equally as responsible for this album as they all wrote it together, Ryan Halliburton was mainly responsible for the track “SHE LIKES TO PARTY” whereas in the past Kris would be responsible for writing and constructing the songs and the band played to his ideas…These guys have done an amazing job and created a masterpiece of music in my opinion. It’s Rock “n” Roll meets Blues. An eclectic mix of sound that has been done very cleverly. Keep writing together boys, it works well!

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