LORI – I’M STILL HERE(Criminal Records) EP Out Now!!

Will this Lori still be here after listening to this track…?


I loved the gentle synth intro to this track, it pulls you in immediately. I’m drawn to the electro hollowness in the vocal that gives of a haunting, thoughtful tone…The chorus is full thanks to the use of a double vocal on different keys. Running from her own reflection, and “Going Where The Demons Have No Wind or Blow”, “Check The News at Three, The Obituary, The Facebook Feed”, all seem very prevalent to what most of us experienced during lockdown. “Where The Ground Is Cracked And No Ones Free”, yeah a bit like how we all feel at this moment and time! The line “Looking In The Mirror And Having A Stranger Stare Back” kicked me in the guts a bit as that is pretty much a lot of peoples state of mind, including my own. We’re all still a bit lost and finding our way and this track captures this feeling immensely. The beat on this track gives it an uplifting feel and is quite contradictory to the lyrics, which is admirable as that not easy to achieve. A must listen!


Yes there is more than just me, there is another Lori out there and she’s already making a stir in the music world with her rock band “Weekend Recovery” This is Lori stepping out on her own with her debut solo EP and has merged from rock to electro pop effortlessly. This track was written about her mental health during lockdown, none of us were immune from the effects and it’s brave of her to tell us all about how she handled it. But guess what? Like us all, Thankfully ” she survived it” she’s “STILL HERE” and we’re so glad she is…. This Lori, LOVED, That Lori!

UK Tour Dates from the 6th of September to the 10th of September she is in Sheffield, London, Brighton, Birmingham and Nottingham. From the 11th to the the 12th of September she is in Leeds and Manchester, get you tickets now guys, it’ll be a good show.

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