Miles To Nowhere – The Race Car Phenomenon – 4th September 2021

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you, all the way from Tempe, Arizona, self-styled purveyors of “Galaxy Punk”, Miles To Nowhere (lead vocals/guitarist Kristen Taylor, vocalist /bassist Katie Grenert and drummer Richard Duran)!

So, what is “Galaxy Punk” then?

Well, to my ears this sounds like 10 catchy cuts of pop punk, not earth shattering or world changing but eminently listenable.

Introduced by a short white noise/ radio chatter track it’s straight into first track Skies which starts with a bouncy bass line before crunching guitar comes in and the track takes off.

What I like about this album is that no two tracks sound alike, all the songs are distinct and do not follow the same template. Stars is a catchy little number that starts relatively mid paced before picking up the pace halfway through.

Hell, they even throw in an instrumental Prelude which on first listen had me anticipating when the vocals would come in.

I Love You is an incredibly catchy, upbeat, fun melodic pop punk thrash which sounds the natural choice for the first single from the album, and coming in just under 2 minutes is the perfect length.

The dual vocalist thing between Kristen and Katie really works well and comes to the fore in Best Friends. A nice little riff that will immediately get you moving opens the track and fills you with wonder for what’s to come.

Here In The Dark is a fine rock song, proving once again that these guys have more than one string to their bow as does Wish which stands out because of it’s quirky start and tempo change towards the end.

Final track Race Cars was somewhat of a surprise as it is an acoustic number, there was certainly no hint of that coming!

This is certainly an intriguing collection of tracks and a really good listen. Like I said it won’t change the world but it will bring a smile to your face, what more do you want?

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