NYTT LAND – RITUAL (Napalm Records) – 6th August 2021

“Ritual” A Hauntingly, Ancestral Journey…  

Welcome Back!

It’s been quite a year and a half for everyone, it’s good to be back, a little more grateful and thankful than I was before…Music was my heartbeat, but it’s became my oxygen after everything we have all been through!  Musicians, Artists and even the Behind The Scenes Guys that make it all happen, well, they are all my Gods!  What a great feeling it is to be back doing what I love and what a great start it is for me getting to review this album.  “ RITUAL” BY NYTT LAND (Napalm Records.


 I was totally drawn to this band when selecting from our review list and had no idea why, well that was until I listened to the first song from the album ( without knowing anything about them) and it all made sense…  The  first track on the album is the title song   “Ritual”  this song  instantly caught my attention, gave me goosebumps within the first 5 seconds (rare for me). The heart beating drum beat which then built into a thunderous god like boom beat but with a gentleness, coincided with the throat voice chanting  which were sung  with vigour and class, along with the captivating backing vocals which at times felt like I was standing in the hills with powerful Native American Tribe….So many different sounds used in this track that are an absolute delight to the ears.  Definitely the start of a journey.  I was hooked already! 

 Another track from the album called  “The Fires Of Ragnarok” was a powerful experience.  I instantly had a rush from the back of my shoulders, all the way up my neck and over my head, it would be an injustice to say it was goosebumps, when it was so much more than that.  The sound of the howling wolf  draws you into another realm.  The throat singing and the strings combined are outstanding, the song builds and builds into a drum based march which also has an Australian feel to it, it  is a powerful combination.  The female vocal on this track is flawless and carries you along the baseline like a feather, “RAGNAROK”  is powerful and aptly named.  

Another great track on the album is called  “U-Gra” this one was special for me, it felt as though I’d just embarked on a long, cold, journey, through the forest, almost as though I had suddenly shape shifted and my ancestors were leading me through the snow to fulfill a family quest full of danger and heartache, and  to prepare me for a future life.  Far fetched? Maybe for some, but for me, Nytt Land  brought that journey to me through my headphones and it was incredible!

The Band…

Nytt Land are not only a great band with a distinctive and haunting sound, they are a very interesting group of talented  individuals who bring us ancient percussive folk music all the way from Siberia.  “RITUAL” is actually they’re seventh album which is a story of ancient gods and heroes, and exactly the journey I embarked on, without knowing anything about them as I hit play on the first track.   Using the sounds of nature and live field recordings, is what brings this whole album together.  The shamanic culture is threaded throughout the album and became apparent for me, right at the beginning in “RITUAL” and “U-GRA” but in very different ways.  It’s clever how one song makes you feel part of a shamanic tribe and another makes you feel as though you’ve joined your ancestors on a cold forrest trail.  That is not easy to achieve and these guys are under rated for their talent in transporting the listener to another realm, it’s almost like a guided meditation, but much more intense.  

Natasha “Baba Yaga” Pakhalenko – Displays a flawless vocal and incredible  throat singing talents throughout this album. 

Anatoly “Shaman” Pakhalenko –Also displayed a very powerful  vocal on this album and like Natasha he has an incredible talent when it comes to his throat singing, it’s mind blowingly good! 

Both are extremely talented musicians, both are responsible for the drums, percussion, flutes, tagelharpa, mouth-harp and horn.  “RITUAL” is the band’s seventh album so get searching on the back tracks people you won’t regret it!  The band are touring France and Switzerland later in the year and hopefully will come to Scotland at some point in the future, the experience would be incredible and one I hope to have the pleasure of  at some point in this lifetime…

Thank you for the journey NYTT LAND! 

The album will be released on the 6TH OF AUGUST 2021   

available from https://napalmrecords.com/english/nytt-land



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