Old Cross – Daggers (Zomie! Media Records) – 13th November 2020

Old Cross is a three-piece melodic punk band from Portland, Oregon, Daggers is their debut album and what a good job they have made of it.

It is fast and noisy with typical punk rock drumming driving the songs. Gates opens the album, a catchy song which alternates between manic choruses where the song really takes off and slightly more restrained verses all framed by incessant guitar, bass and thumping drums.

Next up is Vertebrae which sets off at a fair old pace and doesn’t let up, the guitar, bass and drums mesh together to create a cacophony of exhilarating noise, this is good stuff and a great track.

The pace doesn’t drop with the next song Daggers which is as fast and loud as it’s predecessors. These songs are all epic sounding, the band sound like they are giving their all in every song, as if their lives depended on it. The songs are performed with a very real passion which imprints itself on the listener.

The songs really flow and are all really well crafted, Catastrophe raises the bar even higher and is the standout track amongst the thirteen on the album. There are some great guitar riffs on this track that really elevate the song to anthemic level. There is not a weak song in this collection.

Other real standouts are Hangman, a nice melodic song with a surprising ending and Spells, great chorus, great song.

One, the closing track is very different in style to all the preceding tracks as it is acoustic and doesn’t come out of the traps at 100mph!, but again it is a very good song and fits in perfectly.

All in all this is a great debut album and Old Cross should be proud of this effort!

Stream/Buy ‘Daggers’ here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/oldcross1/daggers-2.

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