Paper Tigers – Graceless (Old Crows Records) 26/11/21

An anthem for the self doubters and over thinkers, Graceless is the title track from the forthcoming Paper Tigers EP due in Spring 2022.

Of course I heard it first at their fabulous gig in Wangies, Eccles and so was only too delighted to hear it again in all its glory, accompanied by an atmospheric (and dare I say quite classy?) video.

A note from the band: ‘Graceless deals with the internal struggle of self-doubt and through self-doubt then self-sabotage. It’s about being trapped in your own head, searching for the place you used to go to for comfort and sanctuary but finding only the feelings and emotions you were running from.”

I think we can all relate.

Hayley Norton’s vocals are sublime as you would expect, with the depth needed for the strength of the subject. Michael Smyth provides the licks, bassist Emma Rose adds to that depth and Matt Milner anchors everything with those drums.

The video needs to be watched. The whole band look great and exactly where they belong. God dammit I hope someone shot a still of that final scene!

With their support for equality and trans rights, these guys sing about what they know and I’m a fan.

Graceless track release 26th November, video release 3rd December 2021. Available on all streaming platforms.

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