Lets dive into that Salted River for the latest Lowdown…


This track has a real summer vibe to it, the guitar intro has a great groove…

As I hear the vocal for the first time I am instantly teleported to the 90’s watching Reef sing “It’s Your Letters” in TFI Friday! The likeness to Gary Stringers vocal is uncanny! The lead singer has a smokey tone, with just the right amount of huskiness….A subtle and classy level of sexiness in those chords. The tunes takes a really nice twist with Nicola Taylor and Bethan Pennie’s vocal, the ladies add a great layer to this track, especially on the chorus and the build up to the chorus, which can only be described as a flower bursting open on a red hot summers day!

The drummer and the guitarists hold the groove on this track so well….It carries you along in a funky fandango, takes you up the bluebell hills, slides you right back down the sand dunes and then projects you onto a king size wave when the lead guitar surfs in for some fun!

This is a great “FEEL GOOD” track. Catchy, fun, and a real crowd pleaser at a festival! Get this one on pre-order guys, you won’t be disappointed.


Lead Vocalist Griff  joined the band last year along with their new keys player Clayton Stirling, this band along with Alek McMillan on guitar,
Shaun Kilna on bass and Jake Mackie-Duncan on drums were now a 5 piece band for the very first time…Having played alongside such bands as Anchor LaneCrobotThe Lazys and US blues-rocker Jared James Nichols has earned them a reputation for putting on a great show! Their new track The Lowdown which is out on the 27th of this month, is a complete change of pace for the band. This track has a funkier vibe and is more laid back, which may come as a surprise to their fans. They have taken this new grove track and combined it with their signature rock riffs, which has allowed them to expand their sound further, this track has also allowed them to showcase their talents as songwriters. The band took a very “hands on approach” with this song, guitarist Alek McMillan recorded and produce this track himself and the music video was directed by the bands drummer Jake Mackie-DuncanThe Lowdown is a statement of intent on their plans moving forward as a band and a direct message from Salt River Shakedown, showing that they will not be confined to just one musical genre, no, they’re here to experiment with new and interesting sounds and I love it so far!

Keep doing what your doing guys!!

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