Sleep Token – Arts Club, Liverpool – 17/11/21

Sleep Token brought their sophomore LP ‘This Place Will Become Your Tomb’ to life in Liverpool with one support act who filled a sonic space that would prepare everyone for the emotional intensity of the night.

Starting the show-off were the wonderfully spacious, ambient wall of sound and sonic experimentation, A.A. Williams. If anyone watching their set wasn’t immediately gripped in the set they soon would be as the act blasted through what can only be described as a real dynamic journey of soaring, reverb heavy vocals and beautifully placed layers of guitar and piano. Though there wasn’t much conversation between the vocalist and the audience there really wasn’t any need as the smooth and seamless transitions between songs occupied the very little empty space the room had left towards the end of the set.

At this point the room was filled with anticipation for the headliners, a set that was sure to meet said anticipation with powerfully emotive music. The lights went dim, and Vessel descended to the stage to grip the audience with the piano laden intro track from their new record Atlantic. Finally, the band emerged, and the song came to life. This was quickly followed by Hypnosis, a song filled with ambience and energy alike as the riffs kicked in the crowd seemed notably more charged. Afterwards the band moved onto Mine with the performance being so gripping and overwhelming that Vessel flurried through his vocal runs with cracks and breaks in his voice, this only added to the emotional delivery further in what was a truly special performance of the song. 

The band however did not shy away from including older songs in their set which were received positively from fans such as Dark Signs, Nazareth and The Offering. Vessel had the audience in the palm of his hand in what felt like a ceremonious offering of their sophomore album and a true celebration of the growth the band have undergone since their first EP One. The band eventually left the stage leaving Vessel isolated with a guitar something we hadn’t yet seen Sleep Token do live. He then delivered the most heart-wrenching performance of closer track Missing Limbs as the light died and his voice faded I feel this probably left much of the audience feeling tight chested.

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