Sleep Token – This Place Will Become Your Tomb (Spinefarm Records) – 24th September 2021

Despite only bolstering a discography of 1 full length record and 2 EP’s, UK Alternative Rock/Metal outfit Sleep Token have cultivated a loyal, ever growing number of appropriately titled ‘worshippers’ of their music.

Following on from their album Sundowning which saw a regular, unique approach to releasing a record, Sleep Token have once again stretched the limits of their style with glimpses of Pop, Metal and even Jazz on sophomore album This Place Will Become Your Tomb. An effort that could very well see the mysterious, anonymous outfit claim the rights of album of the year.

Opening track Atlantic has elegance and delicacy seeped in emotional vulnerability as it explores Vessels raw vocals, practically submerging the tone of the album in what feels like an emotional underwater tomb very fitting of the name. The outro seemingly bathing in suspense in preparation for the rest of the album.

Following on from the opening track, Hypnotic displays their capabilities to produce eerie and aggressive sounds reminiscent of DEFTONES with rich vocals and an instrumental presence driven by the powering force of the drummer. Vessels use of vibrato and breathy vocals creates a soft dark blanket on the song adding even more mystery and intrigue to the story of Sleep Token.

As it progresses This Place Will Become Your Tomb creates a very cinematic atmosphere almost like an ever-flowing story constantly building anticipation for the next chapter. The darker tones of the album offer a sense of dystopia-stained surrealism. Particularly with singles Alkaline and The Love You Want giving Vessel all the necessary foundations to paint a vivid mental image of emotional turmoil for the listener.

Tracks such as Mine delve into melody driven pop music with minimalism and layers of ambience seeping into the background and the addition of Lo-Fi like drums. Fall for me offers a moment of respite displaying vessels incredible voice delivering an intimately sweet message.

Telomeres yet again displays a clear influence of Alternative Metal with a vocal delivery reminiscent of Chino Moreno’s airy clean vocal style with a pop ballad feel to the chorus.

With what seems like the perfect close to an album that has offered many influences and painted a very cold intricate image already, closing track Missing Limbs dies down into a suspenseful awakening of what’s to come.

New Album This Place Will Become Your Tomb Out September 24th via Spinefarm Records &

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