The Bambies – Summer Soon (Spaghetty Town Records (USA), Wanda Records (Europe) – 20th August 2020

The Bambies are a three piece who hail from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, although their spiritual home would appear to be that of mid seventies CBGB’s or Max’s Kansas City.

This, their first album, is packed with 12 fantastic tunes all sounding very much Ramones / Heartbreakers / pop punk influenced with that distinctive New York City punk guitar sound.

Dirty Taint, the album opener, charges out of the blocks at 100mph and pretty much lets you know what you can expect for the rest of the album. It is infectious listening and eminently danceable to.

Second track Summer Soon keeps the energy and speed going, in fact the speed and intensity of the songs is constant from beginning to end of the album.

The songs are bass and drum driven, the sound is raw and in your face and the guitar licks are straight out of the garage rock book of raucous killer riffs. This stuff is loud, fast and dirty rock ‘n’ roll which is a real joy to listen to.

All the tunes follow a melodic no nonsense pop punk formula (only one song Moonies is over two and a half minutes long) and you get the feeling that these guys are having a great time playing this stuff and they must be great fun to see live.

This is a great debut album and one that the band should be very proud of. If you give it a listen I think you will find that, like me, the 12 tracks are not enough you really, really want to hear more, lots more!

The Bambies new album Summer Soon is released on the 20th of August.

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