The Hawkins – Aftermath (The Sign Records) – 15th October 2021

Sweden’s energetic garage rock band The Hawkins take a different direction with their new mini album Aftermath. Recorded just after their 2020 album Silence is a Bomb, the six tracks take us through the stages of grief after a breakup in a very raw and honest way.

Turncoat Killer is a lively and scene setting opener to the mini album. Fifth Try is all about the guitar riffs with surprisingly sympathetic lyrics.

Svaang feels like an internal argument, with exceptionally good mixing from lead singer and guitarist Johannes Carlsson giving the track the quality of a live recording.

Jim and Kate has been released as a single and has the best intro of the album. With lyrics questioning the meaning of masculinity it is a track that will also lead to some serious mosh pit action.

The stripped back Cut Me Off Right has a slower tempo resulting in one of the more dramatic tracks on the album, before building to a crescendo that feels like the start of the climb out of the darkness.

The final and title track of the album Aftermath is an epic, hopeful track featuring a long intro, kicking in then settling to a bluesy guitar sound before a beautiful piano solo builds to sparse vocals. This is the stand out track of the album and seems to encompass the stages of grief the mini album intends to reflect. What a closer.

New mini album The HawkinsAftermath released 15th October 2021 available on all streaming platforms and 12″ vinyl.


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