The Plot In You – Swan Song (Fearless Records) – 17th September 2021

Following on from the gripping, dichotomous journey into toxic relationships that was DISPOSE, The brand new album from The Plot In You Swan Song has a very electronic driven metalcore identity embedded into it. Though the guitar work is still prominent in giving it a heavy delivery whilst Landon experiments with many different manipulations of vocal layering simultaneously blending his clean and harsh presence across Swan Song.

Opener Letters To A Dead Friend feels similar to Landon Tewers solo music likely as he self-produced this record. Heavy lyrical themes with massive percussive sonic value build the intensity suspensefully. This track displays exceptional use of texture drawing all their musical arsenal in such a short space of time.

Lead single Face Me gives the listener a journey of intensity with the quivering clean vocals and soaring vocal fry Landon Tewers executes to perfection. This song gives the listener another peer into the style of previous album DISPOSE. The guitar work however subtle accompanies the electronic elements of the song with phenomenal, atmospheric synchronization.

Too Far Gone is a powerful, emotive song that could draw comparisons to more recent Bring Me The Horizon records with the gentle lead guitar work blended with charged riffs and synthesizers that coat the song providing much needed depth that gives the listeners a very full and engaging experience.

Too Heavy showcases the heart-wrenching capabilities of the band as they delve into a softer sound that would make any fan of the band tear up. This song is a standout amongst the album as it gradually bursts into life. 

Enemy can only be described as a sound so controlled and intense that it feels like gravity as everything falls to the centre of it almost as if this song was perfectly placed to entice listeners and draw their attention back to it.

As a collective body, Swan Song has reinforced the already incredibly sturdy foundations of The Plot In You. Thematically expanding on the topics Landon has already covered whilst allowing him to further push himself as a producer.

New Album Swan Song Out September 17th Via Fearless Records &

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