TheCityIsOurs – COMA (ARISING EMPIRE) – 22nd October 2021

Following on from a very strong debut album TheCityIsOurs display what can only be described as a mammoth evolution with their new sophomore album COMA. This record encapsulates what would appear to be a very emotionally turbulent period for the band. The rawness combined with tastefully placed texturing delivers an immersive experience building upon the Post-Hardcore sound the band have carefully developed.

Opening track Does It Keep You Up? Sets the atmosphere for record with soaring vocals from Mikey Page. Following on from this is a flurry of singles. Notably title track COMA displays raw intensity with the introduction of new frontman Oli Duncanson. This track stands on its own two feet setting a standard that could allow the band to ascend to arena level shows. 

Death Of Me displays the Pop potential the band keep under wraps typically. Vocal melodies from this song are sure to circulate in the listeners head of a long time as the track pushes the album into its stride. Regret About Me has a similar tone exploring the softer, more intimate characteristics of the band with a blend of pop and alternative rock comparable to newer Bring Me The Horizon.

So Sad stitches together the sonic identity of the debut album LOW with the new album as it presents a driven, melody infused performance. Only Human gives frontman Oli Duncanson the spotlight to really stamp his identity on the record with an absolute headbanger of a track that will certainly go down live with a packed room of faithful fans with energy to spare. 

Madre again shows the diverse nature of the band with delicately placed piano sections and deeply intimate lyrics showing the band can deliver serenity equally as well as raw energy. Barely Alive gives the listener a taste of the technical metalcore capabilities of the record as it delves into thumping riffs.

Closer Save You With My Love wraps up the album with the perfect blend of heaviness and emotion as the sweet sentiment of the lyrics holds the heard of the listener in their hands. This is without a doubt the best record TheCityIsOurs could have written to follow their debut and puts the band in a genuinely exciting, prospective position to ascend to the top of the UK alternative music scene. Blending the fantastic musicianship of the band with the visual talent of frontman Oli Duncanson, the world is quite literally there for TheCityIsOurs to explore.

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