There’s A Light – For What May I Hope? For What Must We Hope? (Napalm Records) – 10th December 2021

German band There’s A Light released their second album For What May I Hope? For What Must We Hope? last month. Anyone looking for some new sounds or some grown up music for 2022 should be very interested.

The album has been described as ‘atmospheric’, ‘experimental’, ‘multi-layered’ and ‘dreamy’. Well, I concur. But more impressively it feels fresh and cinematic and a little bit addictive. I’ve listened to it three times and will be listening many times more. The vinyl will be purchased. Sadly the glow in the dark option has sold out already.

So what can I tell you? Track one – The Storm will set the Sails – invites you in, gently at first, effectively conjuring up images of ships navigating stormy seas. Within the Tides is a seven minute cracker and surprisingly uplifting.

Dark Clouds Behind, Bright Skies Ahead feels like a track for 2022 if ever there was one. Stick it on and get lost in the acoustic waves, maybe while pondering all we’ve been through and what we’re hoping for this year.

Be Brave Fragile Heart is one of the few tracks with vocals and in my opinion the stand out track. Its the one I’ll be playing on the radio when the vinyl arrives. Beautiful and with a very nice video too.

THERE’S A LIGHT  online:

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