Void Of Vision – CHRONICLES I: LUST EP (UNFD) – 22nd October 2021

Void Of Vision have delivered what can only be described as a short yet intensely in your face EP with CHRONICLES I: LUST. Opening track OHNE SICHT builds in intensity with textures blending to grab and intrigue listeners from the off. GOTHIKA builds the energy with massive riffs that are very on brand for the genre. Carried with harsh unforgiving vocal intensity and djent laden riffs that could be drawn comparatively to the likes of Northlane. In short, they feel right at home on the UNFD roster!

Following through with a similar sonic direction VAMPYR offers a little more regarding rhythmic differentiation with a much more interchangeable groove but still maintains the energy of previous track. This track feels much more in your face and driven. The EP gives off very dark overtones with such a visually compelling minimalism to accompany the moody, gritty nature of it.

Closing track, THE LONELY PEOPLE is climactic for the least. With a continuation of the vocal layers and electronic instrumentation however subtle bringing the track together. The guitar work is slightly less prominent with every part of this track swarming towards the vocals and ending on a real contender for breakdown of the year. This song leaves the door open for the next volume of CHRONICLES

It is clear from the high contrast black & white visuals and the deeply honest lyricism that the current state of the music industry is a driving factor in the themes and topics of discussion for vocalist Jack Bergin. I both applaud and welcome bands of this genre using their platform to open discussion and offer betterment and a narrative that promotes the safety and equality of women within the music industry. Like many fans of the band this will be a glimpse of hope that the music we love can be accompanied by good intentions and good morality such as Void Of Vision. This release has built foundations for a gloomier, more intense version of the band that hasn’t been explored before and I’d fully expect this to amplify the bands platform to a new level.

New EP Chronicles I: LUST Out October 22nd Via UNFD & https://unfd.lnk.to/chroniclesi

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