We The North – Where Is Your God? (single) – 20th August 2021

We The North are a relatively new band hailing from the Greater Manchester area. Their latest single Where Is Your God? was released on 20th August 2021.

The song was inspired by the tragic events of the May 22nd 2017 Manchester bombing and the wake of said events after witnessing a street preacher condemning a charity tattoo event for the families of the victims.

Fast forward to 2021 as the world begins to reopen and the trio of Mancunians are about to embark on live shows again, the time is right to release Where Is Your God?

Opening with a drum and guitar combo before the whispers of “I assume you’re listening?” Launch the track into a full ensemble with its recurring instrumental hook. 

Before the vocals come in you’re instantly hit with vibes of early Arctic Monkeys and more recent Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes. Josh Owens-Tomlinson’s vocals sound typical of the Manchester indie scene, but with less whine than other acts, which for me is an absolute plus point!

What you’re presented with is 4 minutes of solid  dirty gritty rock and roll, with a welcome splash of angst asking the simple question in a world full of tragedy of “where is your god?” 

Where Is Your God is out now and is available on all the usual streaming platforms.

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