Weatherstate – Never Better-Rude Records 11th February 2022

The follow-up to 2019’s Born A Cynic, Never Better is the latest release from Weymouth punk band Weatherstate. Recorded via remote sessions because of covid, the album reflects the feelings the pandemic engendered in people, especially pessimism over whether or not things will improve. This is reflected in some of the song titles which include Low, Normality. Panic Attack, Never Getting Better and Here in My Hell. The band has captured a moment in time that the vast majority of listeners can identify with and have moulded a very good album out of it.

The album opens with Low, a short, catchy acoustic number that quickly dissolves into feedback and white noise before the thunderous Hangar springs forth. Loud, raucous with pounding drums, gritty vocals, and a cacophony of raw riffs that really grab your attention, this is good stuff!

The next track Normality starts with a catchy drumbeat before the guitars come crashing in, singer Harry Hoskins tells us,

 “normality never got the best of me finding out how to run away from this disease”

This is a great sounding track, guitar riffs going off all over, changes of pace, and catchy “woo ooh” backing vocals.

Panic Attack concerns the feelings of anxiety after snapping out of living on autopilot and doing the exact same things over and over,

“Write a book on getting by for idle minds

 But that’s no way to live life

A wreck a walking panic attack

Unwind and override”

You can feel the desperation and sense of hopelessness as the song ends with,

 “My head is such a mess

And oh god it doesn’t end”

Here In My Hell is a real foot-tapper, fast and loud with a real catchy chorus then Pity Lines really slows things down before evolving into a really atmospheric song that really grabs your attention. For me one of the standout tracks on the album.

Current Dose starts with a catchy, urgent drumbeat and scratchy guitar riff that drives this song along at a brisk pace, another stand-out track.

Headstone slows things down again and is about fulfilling your potential. Acoustic guitar combines with some fine electric riffs to produce a fine track with an anthemic chorus.

Never Getting Better is a belter of a song and is ridiculously catchy despite being about feeling apathetic towards everyone and everything.

The album closer, Dead Space, is another full-on wall of riffs that reaches an inevitable crescendo of noise at the end.

Listening to this album you can feel the lockdown pain and anxiety of the participants and this makes you reflect on your own feelings of how you coped with the pandemic. The band has projected the feelings they had very well and has made quite a remarkable album.

Weatherstate is:

Harry Hoskins – Vocals / Guitar

Callan Milward – Lead Guitar

Joe Hogan – Bass

Toby Wrobel – Drums

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