Zig Zags Interview

By Kenny Lenehan

After reviewing ‘They’ll Never Take Us Alive’ a while back it certainly left an impression on me! 

‘Punk Fucking Metal’ instantly had my attention! Instant trash flashback? Checkout my interview with Jed of Zig Zags below –

Is the name “Zig Zags” a 420 reference?

No, it’s a type of cheap shoes they call them “winos” sometimes you can buy them at army supply stores we used to wear them all the time now we wear vans and cowboy boots.

Your sound is interesting, how would you describe it to someone who has never heard “Zig Zags”?

I try to write the riffs and lyrics from the point of view of my 13 year old self so it sounds like all the stuff I liked then and still do, Metallica, Misfits, Dead Kennedys mixed with horror movie themes and lyrics about pro wrestling. 

I see you are currently nearing the end of a European Tour with some interesting shows on the horizon in the US including Gas Monkey Live?

Yes, we always talk about bands we’d like to play with and High in Fire gets mentioned all the time so we’re super psyched that we are opening for them.

Favourite tour moments so far?

Last night we played a basement in Berlin and it was so packed and sweaty and the cops came so that was fun, but I always like when we get to play someplace out of the ordinary we just played basically a barn in Slovonice Czech Republic and it was so much fun and the people at the show were all really nice and really funny and then we got to walk through the old village to the hotel so I like those kind of experiences, we love the crowds in Germany and the food in Spain and the atmosphere of the Netherlands and the vibe of France and the folks in UK so it’s all good.

Plans for the rest of 2019 and beyond?

Get home and we are gonna be writing a new album. Going to take our time with this one and get the sounds we want! Not the sounds we need! All content © Silence Is The Enemy.  Not to be reproduced in part or in whole without the express written permission of Silence Is The Enemy.

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